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Making new products

Ohkawara Kakohki is continuously focused on “making new products.”

We participate in leading-edge R&D in collaboration with industry and academia.

One of our businesses is developing devices other than spray dryers.
One theme of which was the productization of Superheated steam dry sterilization devices.

We have also developed original technologies and patented products besides these.

We work hard every day under the motto
“without development, our company is worthless!”

Requirements from customers sometimes lead to development.
Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

Superheated steam dry sterilization devices
Superheated steam dry sterilization devices
Patented products

Patented product we developed are in use in many industries

GASTEMWe are a strong ally of dioxin countermeasuresGASTEM
Spray bag dryerThe drying chamber can easily be cleaned with a clothSpray bag dryer
Pressurized two-fluid nozzleEnergy saving nozzles
Pressurized two-fluid nozzle
Twin jet nozzle Nozzles have a two-stage atomizing mechanismTwin jet nozzle
M disc (Pin M type)Superior atomizing capacity!
M disc (Pin M type)