Engineering work

Ohkawara Kakohki provides total systems that center on spray dryers, spray coolers, and include associated peripheral devices.

Our spray dryer related technology and processes are not limited to simple evaporation and drying of solvents to produce powders from liquids.
It is important to keep all production processes in mind when producing powders.
We provide proposals that consider what’s best based on the desired powder characteristics.

Feel free to ask us about device estimates, before and after equipment, and buildings.
We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Particle production engineering
Machinery designPlacement planning, convenience, ordering and design
Process designBulk handling, fluidity, GMP, safety, control
Particle designSize and shape, bulk density,
crystallinity, solubility, meltability,
matrix and masking,
bioavailability, etc.
Powder technology research laboratory - Help for customer particle production

At the powder technology research laboratory, we using testing to select the optimal drying conditions for customer particle production. We select spraying methods and then report test results, such as gas inlet and outlet temperatures, residual solvents, etc.
We also use the laboratory to examine the potential for achieving particle production and to develop the powder characteristics required to achieve it.

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Powder technology research laboratoryAnalysis lab
Powder technology research laboratoryAnalysis lab ▲
Project help and production management

Provides the information and help customer project teams require, from the initial planning stage, through the start of operations, to after service.
We prioritize customer requirements relating to detailed design, production, and delivery regardless of project size.

After service

We provide confidence in customer operations through after service that includes regular maintenance, atomizing equipment and instrument overhauls, and regular inspections of combustion equipment.