Overseas network

Ohkawara Kakohki has a network centered in Japan and spanned five countries, and has a track record of delivering products to many countries around the world

Two Chinese bases

We have established a joint venture in Shanghai that designs, produces, and sells spray dryers in China.
The venture is active with corporate customers inside and outside China, and already has a track record of making many deliveries.

Besides, our wholly owned subsidiary of Ohkawara Kakohki Japan in Suzhou is devoted to spray dryers development, and sales activities (in China) based on the technology of Ohkawara Kakohki Japan.

Shanghai Ohkawara Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. Ohkawara Powdertech (Suzhuo) Co., Ltd.
● Powder equipment procurement
Professionals procure powder equipment locally.
● Engineering work
We propose powder equipment as systems.
Shanghai Ohkawara Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Ohkawara Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Agents in five countries

We have a network spanning five countries overseas, and have delivered products to many countries.
The network handles everything from single products, to order processing, to accepting orders during new plant launches, etc.
Feel free to inquire.

● China
・Ohkawara Powdertech(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
・Shanghai Ohkawara Dryers Co.,Ltd.

● Korea
・Seo Gang Engineering Co.,Ltd.
・Ohkawara Korea Co.,Ltd.

● Taiwan
・Ker Taur Company Ltd.(Contact for Spray dryers
   : DeRight Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.)
● Italy
・Nol-Tec Europe Srl

● India
・New Era Dairy Engineers India Pvt.Ltd.
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