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1. General catalog (company introduction)
2. Guide to the powder technology research laboratory
3. L/OC Series (general purpose spray dryers)
4. L/OC Series  L-8i (R&D spray dryers)
5. F Series (for ceramics and new materials)
6. M Series (for ceramics and new materials)
7. Spray bag dryers (for fine ceramics and chemical products)
8. CL/COC Series (nitrogen gas sealed circulation type)
9. Spray coolers (spraying and cooling granulators)
10. FGA Series (fluid granulating spray dryers)
11. RH Series (spray pyrolysis devices)
12. RH Series (production spray pyrolysis devices)
13. Twin Jetter NL Series (for fine particle R&D)
13. Twin Jetter RL Series (for small-scale fine particle production)
13. Micro Granulizer (for fine particle production)
14. PL-2/CPL-2 (small closed spray dryers)
15. Free Micro Mixer (emulsifying and dispersing device)
16. Sharp Edge Atomizer®(new disc atomizer)
17. Superheated Steam Dry Sterilization Device Test Machine (small batch type)
17. Superheated Steam Dry Sterilization Device SBR (batch type)
18. GASTEM (instantaneous exhaust gas cooler)
19. Pressurized Two-fluid Nozzles
20. Twin Jet Nozzles (nozzles for fine particle production)
21. Large Atomizers OCA-601G
22. Temperature Reduction Reactors
23. Guide to energy saving systems
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