Powder Technology Research Center

Okawara Powder Technology Research Institute. Enhances spray drying test equipment and conducts contracted powder processing. Aiming to be an open laboratory to help customers create products!

Please make use of our development contract processing for your customer product development and production needs!

By combining the latest testing equipment with the experience and knowhow we have accumulated over the years, we can propose the best solutions to match ever-changing technology and meet ever more diverse customer requirements.

Full-scale facilities
■ Experiment lab

Equipped with various standard machines, this lab handles from small test verification to small sample processing.

Experiment labExperiment lab

■ Large testing lab

Equipped with various large machines, this lab handles testing that more closely mimic actual assumptions, and contract processing.

Testing labTesting labTesting lab

■ Analysis lab

Checks and evaluates samples produced via tests or processes using the latest analyzing equipment, such as electron microscopes, etc.

■ Zero liquid discharge system

Waste water produced by washing equipment after testing is evaporated and dried using a spray dryer. Ohkawara Kakohki continues its efforts to protect the natural environment.

Analysis lab
Undrained equipment
Test flow
Test flow diagram (1)Request (2)Planning (3)Testing (4)Results meeting (5)Report submission
Powder technology research laboratory
(1)RequestPlease request testing for product realization.
Our sales managers listen to customer requirements, and work with customers to consider how best to meet those requirements.(2)PlanningManagers summarize a plan for the testing equipment to be used and what needs to be prepared in advance in order to realize customer requirements.
They have customers confirm these plans before testing is conducted.(3)TestingWe conduct testing based on advance planning.
We run detailed checks to see whether the required results have been obtained, and then adjust the test conditions.

In principle, we have customers attend so that we can discuss test circumstances with them on site to ensure testing advances toward achieving goals.(4)Results meetingWe hold a meeting to take a look back to determine whether or not test results achieved the initial goals.
We use this meeting to share issues observed based on test results with customers, and to connect those issues to subsequent tests.
This is an important step in realizing requirements.(5)Report submissionWe submit reports within one week after testing is complete.

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