Made-to-order systems

We put associated peripheral devices, centered on spray dryers and spray coolers, together as one and provide them as total systems.

A total of over 2,000 Ohkawara Kakohki spray dryers are in use across all industries, and they are backed by our propriety development creation and improvement technology, which we have accumulated from our over 60 years of experience.
We leverage this technology and experience to consider what systems are best based on required powder characteristics, etc., and provide systems and arrangements that are optimal for production processes using various devices for small-volume production, medium-scale production, large-scale production, fluid granulating, and GASTEM, etc.

We invite anyone considering such systems to feel free to contact us.

Equipment for producing super hard materialsIntroduces examples of total systems for producing super hard materials  Seasoning Production EquipmentIntroduces examples of total systems for producing seasonings
Production preparation製造設備製造設備