Installation examples: Equipment for producing super hard materials

We propose total production processes from raw material formulation to production weighing and filling

We put associated peripheral devices, centered on spray dryers and spray coolers, together as one and provide them as total systems.

Examples of total systems for producing super hard materials

Super hard materials   Examples   Photographs

● From testing using the latest testing equipment to equipment sale-up
● Provision of instrument control systems for entire production processes
● Proposal of plant interior layouts aligned with product handling

[Applicable equipment]
Fine-grinding mills, stock solution stirrers, spray dryers, cooling conveyors, filling machines

Fine grinding and mixing Fine-grinding mills

Waxes and additives are added and dispersed into stock solutions during the fine grinding process. Solvents such as hexane, IPA, and ethanol are used.

Fine-grinding mills
Dispersion and formulation Stock solution stirrers

Stock solutions are stirred to disperse solids and liquids, and mixed to suppress component separation.
Then, after slurries are cooled and let stand for a certain amount of time, they are supplied to the spray dryer.

Stock solution stirrers
Drying and granulating Spray dryers

The slurries are atomized, dried, and granulated using the latest atomizers and nozzles. Furthermore, keeping the circulation gas condenser outlet temperature at or below 10ºC, reduces the residual solvents in powders.

Spray dryers
Cooling Cooling conveyors

Particles dried and granulated by the dryer are graded while being cooled on a vibrating cooling conveyor, and then transported to a filling device.

Cooling conveyors
Weighing and filling Filling machines

The granulated product is weighed by the filling device, and then filled into product containers.

Filling machines