Installation Examples Seasoning Production Equipment

We propose total production processes from raw material formulation to production weighing and filling

We put associated peripheral devices, centered on spray dryers and spray coolers, together as one and provide them as total systems.

Seasoning Production EquipmentIntroduces examples of total systems for producing seasonings

Seasonings Examples Photographs

● From testing using the latest testing equipment to equipment sale-up
● Provision of instrument control systems for entire production processes
● Proposal of plant interior layouts aligned with product handling

[Applicable equipment]
Formulation tanks, sterilizers, spray dryers, mixers, filling machines

Storage and formulation Formulation tanks

After extracts or oils from raw materials are received into a storage tank, they are supplied to formulation tanks by a feed pump. Several varieties of additives are added in the formulation tanks to produce a stock solution.

Formulation tanks
Sterilization and homogenization Sterilizers

After sterilization, the solution is sent to a spray dryer for homogenization. During the sterilization maintenance period, settings are made according to each stock solutions.

Drying Spray dryers

The stock solution is dried by the spray dryer and turned into powder. Designs consider products that are sensitive to heat, and prevent contamination. Furthermore, the powder is washed in the spray dryer by an acid and alkaline solution washing system using a 3D nozzle.

Spray dryers
Transport and mixing Mixers

The powder product is sent to a product mixer while being cooled either by vibrating conveyor or a pneumatic transport method. The product mixer mixes the particles to an evenly mixed consistency.

Weighing and filling Filling machines

The powder in the mixer passes through a vibrating sieve or iron remover, and is then weighed and filled into product containers. Finally, the product passes a metal detector and is placed on shipping pallets.

Filling machines