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Use examples of spray dryers

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Spray dryers are used to turn various liquid raw materials into powder
in manufacturing fields across many industries

Food, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, Chemical products, Waste liquid treatment
Samples of powder produced by spray dryers

■ Amino acids

Natural seasonings (seafood extracts, livestock extracts, agricultural extracts), seasonings, protein foods
Collagens, miso, soy sauce, soy proteins, peptites, etc.

Glucose, dextrin, starches saccharified solutions, caramels, alpha starches, colored starches

Yeast Lactic acid bacteria, enzymes, fragrances, natural sweeteners, powdered eggs, powdered oils and fats, chlorella
Coffee, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, food additives, various health foods, potassium sorbate
feed, etc.

Soy saucePowdered oil

Herbal medicine, pesticides, inorganic medicines, enzymes, antibiotics, vitamins

Herbal medicine

Alumina, steatite, zirconia, magnesia, titanium oxide
Barium titanate, magnesium titanate, tungsten carbide
Ferrite, tile pottery, ceramic materials

Chemical products

Organic chemicals, organic catalysts, vinyl acetate, melamine resins, urea resins , phenolic resins
Surfactants Vinyl chloride, lignin, detergents, oils, fatty acids, monoglycerides
Yeast, aluminate, various phosphate compounds, sodium silicate, calcium carbonate
White carbon, ammonium sulfate, phosphorous acid, pigments, dyes, inorganic catalysts, P.V.C
sodium phthalate, various detergents

Vinyl chloride
Waste liquid treatment using spray dryers
Waste liquid treatment

Brewing waste, starch waste, enzyme waste