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Spray pyrolysis devices
Standards and Specifications Table
[Patent Pending]
Stock solution throughput1.0L/h3.0L/h3.0L/h6.0L/h
Reaction tower surface temperature600℃
Moisture evaporation volume40kg/h
1. Air or inert gas at a pressure of 0.5 Mpa is standard.
2. Ask us about designing devices that exceed the throughput described above and specifications that exceed furnace temperatures of 900℃.



List of Functions

■ Features thanks to spray decomposition method
1. Composition is uniform and the uniform dispersibility of trace components is excellent.
2. Particles become secondary particles granulated from primary particles.
3. Fine spherical particles with good dispersibility are obtained. (sub-micron to about 10 μm)
4. Particles are porous when formed making them easy to crush during molding.
5. They are easy to sinter due to high surface activity.
6. Composite ceramics can be synthesized as a nanocomposite material by sintering the product powder.
■ Features of the spray pyrolysis devices
1. The core furnace pipe is made of a special ceramic and is indirectly heated by an electric heater.
2. Operation is possible at furnace temperatures of approximately 900ºC.
3. Spraying of solutions and slurries is made possible by a special two-fluid nozzle.




Electronics industry/Feed industry/Vehicle industry/Ceramics industry and fine ceramics/Steel and machinery industries/Other


Heat source (electric heater)
Atomizing method (nozzle)
Product recovery method (bag filter single-point collection)


Stock solution throughput: 1 to 6 L/h

*1: Made-to-order according to model type and your required specifications.
*2: A special model using spray dryer technology.
*3: Heat source standard specifications vary based on model type.
RH Series Production Spray Pyrolysis Devices