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CL/COC Series

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Nitrogen gas sealed circulation type
Standards and Specifications Table
Ethanol evaporation volume4kg/h4kg/h8kg/h11kg/h19kg/h28kg/h
* Ethanol evaporation capacity values when operating at a hot air temperature of 140ºC and a discharge air temperature of 70ºC.
*1: Made-to-order according to model and your required specifications.



List of Functions

1. Capable of drying and granulating substances that are not readily water-soluble.
2. Able to maintain quality by preventing oxidation.
3. Able to recover solvents from stock solutions.
4. Safely dries combustible stock solutions.
5. Even able to dry heat sensitive substances.


Food/Ceramics/Chemical products/Pharmaceuticals/Organic solvents/Other


Electronics industry/Feed industry/Food industry/Chemical industry/Pharmaceutical industry/Vehicle industry/Ceramics industry and fine ceramics/Steel and machinery industries/Petroleum resins/Luxury goods/Other


Heat source (electric heater)
Heat source (indirect heating using heat transfer oil)
Atomizing method (rotary disc)
Atomizing method (nozzle)
Product recovery method (main unit, cyclone dual-point collection)
Product recovery method (cyclone single-point collection)


Moisture evaporation volume: 4 to 28 kg/h

*1: Made-to-order according to model type and your required specifications
*2: Heat source standard specifications vary based on model type
*3: Can be used as an optional extra