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F Series

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For ceramics and new materials
Standards and Specifications Table
Moisture evaporation volume5kg/h10kg/h15kg/h30kg/h
For R&D: FL-12
For small-scale production: FOC-16 to 25
* Ask us about production devices.
* Moisture evaporation capacity values when operating at a hot air temperature of 250ºC and a discharge air temperature of 100ºC.



Features of the F Series

1. Drying chamber that is compatible with the production of ceramics and new materials
■ Designed a drying chamber with a larger cone angle to obtain large particles.
2. Compact main unit
■ Reduced ground contact area and device height 80% and 50%, respectively, compared to our L/OC Series
3. High recovery rate
■ Enhanced granulated product recovery rates below the main unit through adoption of our patented Low Cap method.
4. Bag filters as standard equipment
■ Integrated unit structure down to the bag filter.




Electronics industry/Feed industry/Vehicle industry/Ceramics industry and fine ceramics/Steel and machinery industries/Other


Heat source (electric heater)
Heat source (direct gas furnace)
Atomizing method (rotary disc)
Product recovery method (main unit, cyclone dual-point collection)


Moisture evaporation volume: 5 to 30 kg/h

*1: Made-to-order according to model type and your required specifications
*2: Heat source standard specifications vary based on model type.