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Small closed spray dryer
Standards and Specifications Table
Moisture evaporation volume0.6 kg/h *1
Ethanol evaporation volume1.5 kg/h *2
*1 Guaranteed capacity is 0.2 kg/h when inlet temperature is 200ºC and outlet temperature is 75ºC.
*2 Guaranteed capacity is 0.3 kg/h when inlet temperature is 140ºC and outlet temperature is 70ºC.



List of Functions

1. The entire line, from the drying chamber to product recovery, is made of stainless steel.
2. Uses a touch panel. Allows confirmation of device operating status at a glance, and for the collection of operational data.
3. Capable of open operation with only the drying unit when nitrogen circulation is not required.
A nitrogen circulation system can also be added by adding a cooling unit to the back.
4. Can be equipped with an optional CPL-2-specific enclosure unit (dry chamber type).
Enables safer powder production without hampering workability.

[CPL-2 Enclosure]
Exposure: 1 μg/m3 or less
Exhaust method: All exhaust indoor exhaust type (outdoor exhaust is also available)
CPL-2 Enclosure


Food/Ceramics/Chemical products/Pharmaceuticals/Organic solvents/Other


Electronics industry/Feed industry/Food industry/Chemical industry/Pharmaceutical industry/Vehicle industry/Ceramics industry and fine ceramics/Petroleum resins/Luxury goods


Heat source (electric heater)
Atomizing method (nozzle)
Product recovery method (cyclone single-point collection)