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M-Type Disc

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Maximum atomizing capacity
What is an M-Type Disc?
M-Discs deliver the highest atomization performance out of all the various disc types.
The unique pin shape spreads a liquid film on the disc to a certain thickness so that droplets of uniform size can be produced. The atomized droplets are of uniform particle size, and particle size distribution is sharp.
We have patented the pin type (M-type).



List of Functions

1. Produces products with sharp particle size distributions.
2. Can produce spherical products with good fluidity.
3. Enables the atomization of higher viscosity stock solutions at higher concentrations that in the past.
4. Product average particle size can be adjusted using disc rotational speed.


Food/Ceramics/Chemical products/Pharmaceuticals/Organic solvents


Electronics industry/Food industry/Chemical industry/Pharmaceutical industry/Vehicle industry/Ceramics industry and fine ceramics


Atomizing method (rotary disc)