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Twin Jet Nozzle

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Two-stage atomizing mechanism
What is the Twin Jet Nozzle?

Conventionally, the only way to produce fine particles 10 μm or smaller was to either suppress throughput or lower solid content concentration. The twin jet nozzle we developed enables the mass production of fine particles without applying such restrictions.

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What is the Twin Jet Nozzle?
Standards and Specifications Table
ModelsRJ-10RJ-25RJ-50TJ-100TJ custom*TJ
Spray volume (L/hr)< 1010 to 2525 to 5050 to 100100 to 1000> 1000
* TJ custom is designed to optimally meet spray volume.



List of Functions

1. Reduces atomization air volume by using collisions to atomize.
2. It is easy to scale up from the low throughput RJ nozzle to the high throughput TJ nozzle.
3. Atomization capacity to support stock solution throughputs of from several L/h to 1,000 L/h.


Ceramics/Chemical products/Pharmaceuticals/Organic solvents/Other


Electronics industry/Chemical industry/Pharmaceutical industry/Environment related


Atomizing method (nozzle)



1. As a first step, liquid is sheared with air to produce gas-liquid jet flows.
2. As a second step, the jet flows sprayed in the first step are made to converge at a single point to thus promote atomization by causing the jet flows to collide with one another.
3. Enables large throughput without hindering atomization performance by giving the slits a donut shape (TJ nozzle)

Tip Cross-sectional Views RJ Series (low throughput applications) TJ Series (for high throughput applications)
Micro GranulizerTwin Jetter NL Series