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Pressurized two-fluid nozzle

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Atomizing device
Standards and Specifications Table
Spray volume (kg/h)0 to 1000 to 4000 to 6000 to 8000 to 1,000
Spray water pressure (MPa)



List of Functions

1. Adjusting the air flow volume makes it possible to control droplet particle size.
2. Able to atomize larger volumes of higher viscosity fluids than conventional pressurized nozzles.
3. Since spray pressure is low at 50 kPa or less, motive power is less than conventional two-fluid nozzles.
4. If the supply of spray air stops, it can be used as a pressurized nozzle in the conventional manner.
3. Has a track record of being used on general and industrial wasted at over 100 locations nationwide.


Food/Ceramics/Chemical products/Organic solvents/Environmental countermeasures/Other


Feed industry/Food industry/Chemical industry/Vehicle industry/Ceramics industry and fine ceramics/Luxury goods/Environment related


Atomizing method (nozzle)


Principles of atomiz

Performs effective atomization by forming a liquid film into a donut shape and then concentrating a high-speed airflow on the film. Therefore, by combining a medium-pressure water pump (1 to 2 MPa) and a Roots blower (40 kPa), motive power demonstrates atomization performance of average particle size of 40 to 60 μm.
* See the pressurized two-fluid nozzle schematic diagram shown below

Pressurized Two-Fluid Nozzle Schematic Diagram