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L/OC Series

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General Purpose
Standards and Specifications Table
Moisture evaporation volume5.5kg/h※13kg/h25kg/h42kg/h
For R&D: L-8i to 12
For small-scale production: OC-16 to 20
* Guaranteed moisture evaporation capacity is 3 kg/h when operating at a hot air inlet temperature of 250ºC and a discharge air temperature of 100ºC.



Features of the L/OC Series

1. Highly versatile for handling a variety of stock solutions.
2. Various disc nozzles provide product particle size distribution and bulk specific gravity adjustment.
3. Our proprietary main unit structure allows deposits inside the drying chamber to be removed easily.
4. Two-stage filter comprised of a course dust filter and a high-temperature HEPA filter prevents product contamination.
5. Fan control by inverter. Realizes high energy savings.
6. A variety of options that can be selected according to product characteristics.


Food/Ceramics/Chemical products/Pharmaceuticals/Other


Electronics industry/Feed industry/Food industry/Chemical industry/Pharmaceutical industry/Vehicle industry/Ceramics industry and fine ceramics/Steel and machinery industries/Petroleum resins/Luxury goods/Other


Heat source (electric heater)
Atomizing method (rotary disc)
Atomizing method (nozzle)
Product recovery method (main unit, cyclone dual-point collection)
Product recovery method (cyclone single-point collection)


Moisture evaporation volume: 3 to 42 kg/h

*1: Made-to-order according to model type and your required specifications.
*2: Heat source standard specifications vary based on model type.
*3: Can be used as an optional extra.
Disc Atomizer Features

1. Disc rotational speed adjustments for rapid response to stock solution viscosity and throughput changes
2. Our patented M-type disc atomizes even viscous liquids of higher than conventional concentration and high viscosity slurries
3. Various interchangeable discs to support required product particle size and stock solutions characteristics
4. Able to spray about 500 cc of stock solution
5. Easily scales up to large equipment according to obtained test data
M-Type Disc Rotary Atomizer