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Spray Cooler

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Spraying and cooling granulator
Examples of actual operational results
Stock solutionCoagulation temperature (ºC)Throughput (kg/h)Operating conditions (ºC)Average particle size (μ)
Fatty acid602,80015 to 50200
High molecular polymer1201,00010 to 50300
Low molecular polymer1601,5005 to 50700
Plastics1553,20040 to 502,000



List of Functions

1. Obtains beautiful spherical particle products.
2. Obtained products have superior fluidity, superior mechanical strength, and thus suffer little damage during handling.
3. Operation is simple, automatic operation is possible, and maintenance is easy.
4. Device is rigid and has a small footprint.
5. Optimal for continuous granulation in mass volumes.
6. Combining devices enables continuous un-manned operation.


Chemical products/Pharmaceuticals


Chemical industry/Pharmaceutical industry/Petroleum resins


Atomizing method (rotary disc)
Atomizing method (nozzle)
Product recovery method (main unit, cyclone dual-point collection)
Product recovery method (cyclone single-point collection)
Product recovery method (bag filter single-point collection)


*1: Made-to-order according to model type and your required specifications
*2: Heat source standard specifications vary based on model type